XFI Economic Model - Ecological Economy Based on XWOID Token

X-FI is a distinctive financial product that cleverly combines DeFi concepts with the element of time, offering users flexible investment options. Whether investors prefer short-term or long-term strategies, X-FI provides diversified investment opportunities. The X-FI economic model aims to create a comprehensive system that includes incentive mechanisms, governance mechanisms, and economic participation to support the development and user engagement of the X-WOID social platform. By utilizing the XWOID token as the core value driver, the X-FI economic model will promote the prosperity and sustainable development of the platform's ecosystem.

How to participate in X-FI? Participants can obtain XWOID rewards by depositing WOID.

What are the deposit periods and rewards? The minimum deposit period for WOID is 3 days, and the minimum reward is 10%. After the deposit period expires, participants can withdraw their WOID deposits, and the reward can be claimed daily after the deposit date ends.

If I participated in the first phase, can I withdraw and participate again? Yes, after your deposit period ends, you can withdraw your WOID, and after withdrawing, you can participate in other deposit rewards.

How to invite friends, and what are the invitation rewards? By using the exclusive referral link, you can invite friends to participate in WOID deposits. Once they join, the referral relationship will be permanently established, and you will receive a 10% bonus on all rewards obtained by the invited person from their WOID deposits. For example: If A invites B, and B deposits 10,000 WOID and receives 1,000 XWOID as a reward, A will receive 100 XWOID (10% of B's reward).

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